Lisa Jensen


Class synopsis:
I've been there before...thinking only new members have a conversion story.  No matter who you are or where you are in your walk of life, our relationship with our Savior should be a priority!  I don't mean just the checklist of things we're supposed to do; I'm talking a REAL tangible and interactive relationship with him. Making him real makes all of our overwhelming obstacles and even the trivial moments in life actually have meaning! Dare to take a different look at your relationship with your high power.

Lisa Jensen was known as a “military brat” since her dad was in the Air Force. Although they moved all over the United States during her childhood, she was born and raised LDS. Despite her parents being very devout members of the church (father a bishop and stake president and mother a seminary teacher) Lisa ultimately walked away from the church in college. She spent 11 years wanting nothing to do with religion and considered herself “spiritual” not “religious.”

In the meantime, she became a high school teacher first at Riverton High School and then Herriman High School, where she still currently teaches. Lisa Jensen (known as Co-J for Coach Jensen) is not only a gifted teacher who makes an impact in her classroom, but she is also a supportive volleyball coach and HOPE Squad Advisor. Lisa has worked hard to change the school culture at Herriman High, and students want to follow her lead because they respect her. Her classroom conduct also makes a great impact on her school. It isn’t uncommon to hear students talking in the hallways about how much they love her psychology class. One student wrote this about Co-J as a teacher: “She teaches and instructs with a passion that is hard to find in other teachers. When she is teaching, every ear is tuned in, listening for her next few words….she genuinely cares about educating kids, and that transfers into students’ attentiveness.” Because of this, Lisa was nominated for the national Life Changer of the Year award this year.

As for her own life journey, Lisa’s world was turned upside down when throughout one year; 4 immediate family members all passed away unexpectedly, including her older brother. It completely turned her world upside down and started her on a soul searching journey through her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. In the process, she ended up finding her OWN conversion story. She’s loud; she’s blunt and well known for her story telling that often involves humor, sound effects or impersonations at some point all while managing to teach life lessons. Embark with her as she teaches you the importance of everyone having their own daily conversion.