Angie Twitchell

Finding Your Way Home on a Winding Road

Class synopsis:
We all have a divine purpose. It is important to find out who we are, what Heavenly Fathers plan is for each of us as individuals. The one identity we can claim is that we are children of our Heavenly Father.  That is who you are when you are born and that is the only thing you will be when you die. That is the only identify that we all have that no one can take from us.

At times the world may seem against you, the mistakes we make can leave scars. But through the atonement those scars can heal and show us who we are. As I look back on the trials I have experienced, I realize that each one happened in order for me to get me back on the right road.  As incredibly hard as it was, it had to happen in order for me to find my way home. It was in those divine moments that I saw with such clarity the Lord’s hand specifically in my life. I realized that my Heavenly Father truly knew me perfectly, what I needed, and loved me more than anything. It is through mistakes that I found my purpose in this life and could see with clarity my pathway home.

Sister Angela Twitchell was born in Bountiful, Utah to Ronald Vaughn and Leah Waters Twitchell. At an early age her family moved to South Jordan, Utah were she has lived most of her life. Angie graduated from Bingham High School then attended Salt Lake Community College and the University of  Utah.

Angie has served as a Sunday School teacher, Primary teacher, a member of a Young Women's presidency, and nursery leader.

After her schooling was completed she worked at various jobs as she contemplated her future. Of note was an opportunity where she enjoyed working for a season with the Sundance Institute, assisting with the Sundance Film Festival. About the same time she was asked to develop a cover story for the Salt Lake City Weekly regarding "Singles in Salt Lake". At that point Angie decided to embark on a serious insurance business career.

After many years working in the insurance industry she felt the need for a course correction. In February 2007 she accepted a position with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, initially working with the Corporation of the Presiding Bishopric. A year later she was given the opportunity to work as an Executive Assistant in the Office of the Seventy, providing support to the Presidency of the Seventy, General Authority Seventies and Area Seventies worldwide.

In addition to participating in charitable work that members of the Church are able to provide through the Church Welfare Program, Angie has enjoyed serving with the American Red Cross, Ronald McDonald House and United Way.

Angie's greatest treasure in life and source of unconditional love is her amazing family, which includes four adorable dogs who are her kids in every sense of the word.