Charles W. Dahlquist II

Finding Strength in the Lord

Class synopsis:
Ever wonder what it takes to “hang in there” or to “endure to the end?” In 2 Nephi, Nephi expresses his trust in the Lord and “glories in the things which [he has] seen and heard.”  It is clear from the Book of Mormon that strength in the Lord comes more often from simple, daily obedience than from grandiose occurrences, including the visitation of angels (think about Laman and Lemuel). Together we will explore those things that help us develop faith and strength in the Lord as we proceed down our walk through mortality and all its challenges, joys and tribulations.

Charles Dahlquist was born in Provo, Utah and raised in Boise, Idaho.  He received his juris doctorate from the University of Utah after finishing a bachelor's degree at Brigham Young University. He is an attorney and leader in civic and community organizations. 

Brother Dahlquist served as Young Men General Board President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Chair of the General Church Scouting Committee from 2004-2009.  He has also served as a Mission President in the Germany, Hamburg Mission; and has served as a Stake President, Young Single Adult Branch President and in many other youth-related callings.  

Brother Dahlquist is currently the National Commissioner of the Boy Scouts of America and a member of the BSA National Executive Board. 

Brother Dahlquist and his wife, Zella, live in Sandy, Utah and have five daughters (affectionately known as “Charlie’s Angels”) and 15 grandchildren.  He enjoys individual sports, family activities, fly-fishing, music of all types, and particularly playing his five-string banjo.  He also loves being at the Dahlquist Family Cabin – “The Gathering Place.”