Jennifer Russell Whittaker

Dress and Act the Passion of Your Heart (women's fashion)

Jennifer Russell Whittaker is a modeling coach, professional makeup artist, devoted wife, and mother of 3.   She loves to teach and speak.   She also loves meeting new people, and seeing the light in their eyes when they learn something new and wonderful about themselves.   As a multi-state pageant title holder, Jennifer has had the opportunity to speak to many youth groups, teaching women of all ages to love themselves, be kind to others, and stand as strong leaders in their schools and communities. 

Jennifer’s modeling career took her in a welcomed direction, when after modeling professionally for a few years, she was approached by a renowned talent agency, and was asked to teach their modeling classes.  She loves working with the fabulous and talented models that come through her classes there.  One of her favorite things to say to them is: “Your outward appearance is in direct correlation with how you feel inside.”  Years before, as a student at the University of Utah, Jennifer’s original dream was to become a dermatologist.  After she met and married her husband, she decided to support him in his career, and serve as a full-time mother. Since that time, she has found great joy in helping people reach their full potential - not through medical treatments, but through drawing on who they are on the inside, and letting their inner light shine brightly through.