Kevin Clayson

Fueling Your Happy: How to fill up with #gratifuel when life's tank is on empty.

Class synopsis:
Life is going to happen, that is a certainty. From divorce and job loss, to flat tires and frustrations, life will throw you one curveball after another, it’s inevitable! The one thing you CAN control is how you react to life as it happens to you. Come learn how a simple formula can flip frustrations into happy fuel in less than 30 seconds, and guarantee you don’t ever have to have a “bad day” again... no matter what life may throw at you!

Kevin Clayson, the Chief Officer of Awesome, is known for dancing and rapping his way into the hearts of audiences all across North America as a highly requested, and highly rated professional youth, and corporate speaker.  Kevin grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area before serving his mission in Berlin Germany. Kevin attended and graduated from BYU with a Bachelor’s of Political Science.

Kevin is one of the Founders of a revolutionary multi-million dollar real estate investment, and international personal development company, that has been successfully operating out of Utah County for over 10 years. 

Kevin’s new book, FLIP The Gratitude Switch, while receiving universal praise, is already being heralded in the personal development and business communities as one of the “most important life success books EVER,” and a “foundational piece of literature.” 

Kevin’s list of accomplishments include: running 4 full marathons, splitting two pairs of suit pants while dancing in front of large audiences, and holding his family’s record in the Nintendo Wii Game, “Just Dance.” 

He is a dedicated family man who always says that no matter what happens professionally, NOTHING will ever be as important as the work he does inside the four walls of his home with the four people he loves the most... his beautiful wife and 3 adorable kids.