Richard and Pam Norby

Rising Above Obstacles

Class synopsis:
"The storms aren't always stilled. At times he prepares me against the storms. He could breeze me to the Promised Land, but instead he prepares me to withstand the storms." (Mark 4; Ether 2, 6)

Richard and Pam returned in April 2016 from serving in the France Paris Mission. While on their mission they lived in Brussels, Belgium where their mission president assigned them to work with the young adults and the institute program in the Brussels area, along with helping legalize missionaries in Belgium. Pam also served as the mission medical advisor.

Richard grew up in Granger, Utah. After attending BYU for a year, he served a mission to France and Belgium. He then continued his studies at BYU where he met Pam, who was not a member of the Church. After two years of attending BYU as a non-member she joined the Church.

After marriage and starting a family they moved to Tooele, Utah where Richard taught seminary. He recently retired from the seminary and institute programs after 37 years.

In 2003, Richard and Pam were called to West Africa to preside over the Ivory Coast Mission, which included the countries of Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, Cameron, and Central African Republic.

In 2007 Pam was called to serve on the Relief Society General Board. During that same time Richard served as stake president in the Orem Young Single Adult 1st stake.

They currently live in Lehi. They enjoy sharing thoughts of their mission and stories of the people they have met and the places they have visited.

They are the parents of five children with 16 grandchildren.

**Richard and Pam will only be speaking from 1-2 pm on Saturday, August 5th.