Scott Stallings

Prepardness is Easier than Dating

Class synopsis:
Disasters aren't just for dating. Come learn surprising facts about survival and the best things you can do now to be ready for anything.

Growing up with a year’s supply of food on hand and learning about many generations of self-reliant family, it was easy for Scott to associate himself with the "preparedness world." Scott started prepping for himself at the age of 13 when he first read “My side of the Mountain.” Inspired by the book, he challenged himself to learn various survival skills.  From this initial interest, his passion for prepping began to grow and grow. He participated in Boy Scouts of America and ultimately earned the highest scouting award of Eagle in 1995.

After completing high school, Scott served a two year mission for his church.  It was during this time that he witnessed his first major catastrophe.  While living in Hunters Creek, Florida, he experienced firsthand the devastation of F3 tornados and near F4 winds in the Kissimmee St Cloud Tornado Outbreak.   The next three weeks entailed massive volunteer cleanup efforts to assist the local population recover as quickly and as effectively as possible.  Upon returning home from his church service, Scott quickly returned to his individual prepping.  On his way to college, he threw together a small 96-hour kit.  Since then, that bag has evolved into a comprehensive project that he counts as one of his most prized possessions among his many other prepping gear and skills.

His love of preparedness and optimistic view on life and the gospel inspired him to create PrepperCon, the largest and most exciting preparedness expo in America. His mission is to create greater awareness for the need of self-reliance and preparedness. He is also the host of a syndicated radio show called Prepper Talk Radio and is a private consultant to businesses in the preparedness world.