Taylor Parkin

Manage Your Money, Manage Your Life

Class synopsis:
Whats your number?  How much do you need to save to have a comfortable retirement? We will help you determine that amount, but more importantly discuss the steps you need to take today, to get the "free" money your employer is offering, save on taxes and determine the amount you need to set aside each month to reach your goal.  Please bring your questions, each class will have ample time set aside for questions.

Taylor C Parkin has 11 years' experience working with professionals, individuals, families, business owners and executives to customize financial blueprints and bring about client specific objectives. He has been a registered investment advisor throughout his entire investment career and has thus acted in a fiduciary capacity for each and everyone of his clients. His unique ability to see the big picture in any situation helps Taylor create a process and system to ensure details are taken care of.

Taylor began his career in financial planning in 2007 at Chase Investment Services a division of JPMorgan Chase as a Financial Advisor. He quickly became the leading advisor in the Utah market by 2009 and ranked in the top 10% of all Chase advisors nationwide. In 2011, Taylor left JPMorgan and founded Axex Financial.  He believed that individual service and customized planning was essential to clients and becoming an independent advisor, without the ties to a single large institution, allowed him to give more holistic and objective advice. 

Taylor is a University of Utah Graduate 2001, Major in Economics, Minor in Political Science and International Relations.  He pursued Graduate work at the University of Utah in the Master's of Public Administration with his focus area of research and study in Non Profit Financial Management; currently ABD.

Taylor resides in Holladay with his wife Holly, and their three children Hendrix, Aiya and Kai.  He spends most of his free time watching them play the violin, cello, piano, dancing, playing soccer and tee-ball. He loves travel and gets away as often as he  can with Holly and the kids. Most recently he returned from Lisbon and Seville.