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Classes and Workshops

  • LDS Institute of Religion 1780 South Campus Drive Salt Lake City, UT, 84148 United States (map)

Inspiration. Learning. Enrichment.

After the keynote, we will break out into classes and workshops. The classes will be a more traditional, sit-and-listen session, while the workshops will be longer and more interactive. When you register, you will need to select a track—either a mix of workshops and classes, or just classes. 

Living a life free of fear and full of trust in ourselves, others, and God can feel overwhelming at times. We know. We have been there. The classes and workshops are designed to help teach, inspire and promote confidence in ourselves and God. Below is a list of the sessions. Please see the speakers page for bios.


The Savior's Final Hours and the Lessons We Learn from Them (Andrew Skinner)

Facing our FEAR Head On (TBD)

The Spirit Behind the Lens: Panel Discussion on the creation of the General Conference Break-out Documentaries (KSL Panel)

Finding Strength In the Lord (Charles Dahlquist)

Be the Lighthouse. Anchor Your Life. (Dave McCann) **Only available from 2 - 3 pm**

Changing Lives through Service (Emily Stevens)

Better Understanding of Our Own Present Through Our Shared Spiritual Past (Janiece Johnson)

The Deliberate Life: Writing Your Own Story (Janine Gilbert)

Inspiration through Adversity (Jon Jeppson)

How to Get Unstuck (Mary Anne Linford)

Lessons On Life, Love and Leadership. (Matt Townsend)

Rising above Obstacles (Richard and Pam Norby) **Only available from 1 - 2 pm**

Living with a Broken Heart (Robbie Parker)

Manage your money, Manage your life. (Taylor Parkin)


Nutrition on the Go (Alan Bingham)

17 Secrets to the Male and Female Psychology (Alisa Goodwin Snell)

Fitness on the Go (Janalee & Mitch Carter)

Dress and Act the Passion of Your Heart (women's fashion) (Jennifer Whitaker)

Fueling Your Happy: ow to fill up with #gratifuel when life's tank is on empty. (Kevin Clayson)

Mirror, Mirror (women's fashion) (Kris Denison)

Dress to Impress (men's fashion) (Lance Orlob)

Marketing Your Life Towards Eternal Companionship (Michelle Barnum Smith)

Preparedness is Easier than Dating (Scott Stallings)

The Story Your Clothing and Manners Tell (Taylor Hawkins)

Cooking vs. Drive Thru

Earlier Event: August 4
Keynote Speaker: ??
Later Event: August 4
Breakout Sessions